Thursday, 23 February 2012

RSPCA - Looking to the future

What exactly is a ‘pledge’?  

 It’s a funny word, not quite a promise but more a statement of intent.  We know Americans ‘pledge allegiance to the flag’, and politicians often ‘pledge wholehearted support’, and then of course there’s even the furniture polish…

But why is the RSPCA unveiling five pledges today?  (  ) 

Well, for us they really are a statement of intent, and a pretty clear one at that.  This country may have a reputation as a nation of animal lovers, but all too often we know different. Sometimes it’s direct and shocking cruelty to animals, like the awful cases as our inspectors have to confront each and every day. 

 More often than not though, animal welfare is a hidden issue. It can be the vague labelling on meat in shops & supermarkets, the substantial suffering of lab animals used in research, or even the health of cute-looking but physically crippled pedigree pets. 

Enough is enough, and the RSPCA wants to do something about these awful problems. That’s why we’re committing to doing our level best over the next five years to tackle these issues.  The pledges don’t cover all our work but they do give a clear idea of what our big priorities are over the next few years.

It’s unusual for a charity to be quite so bold setting such public targets – sometimes we’re all so busy just coping that we get too focussed on right now, and not on our long-term goals.  

So today the RSPCA is explaining very clearly what we intend to do and how. The honest truth however is that we really won’t be able to do it on our own, and that’s where we need your help.   
New CEO Gavin Grant launching the brand new pledges!

There’s a useful guide on our website with a few short films, some straightforward information, and a clear explanation of how everyone can do their bit.  You can have a look at: 

Trying to achieve these goals is what the RSPCA is all about, and frankly it’s why I come to work every day.  In some areas we’ve made some great strides in the last few years from the hunting ban to the Animal Welfare Act.

But make no mistake, there’s a long way to go, so please take a moment to look at the pledges and have a think about how you can help.  If we all do our bit, then things will change and we could finally become a nation of animal lovers.  Maybe then our country could really deserve that reputation.

Henry Macaulay, Head of Press 

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